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Create/Claim Profile
While we're bringing the first few charters on board, we will be disabling the "player-initiated" side of the claiming a player profile (and thus become a member) process (we have also temporarily disabled the "Create Confirmed & Rogue Profile" sections at the bottom of this page).
For now, to claim your player profile (so you can create scoresheets and enter and submit match data through this site), contact a Charter Admin (CA) of a charter you're playing in a league or tournament under, tell them you'd like to claim your player profile on the ppmu site and give them your name and email address.
The CA will then send you an invitation email. Click on the "Invitation Link" in the email. This will link you back to the ppmu site. Click the "Claim Profile" button and you've claimed your profile.
Confirmed/Rogue Profile Comparison Chart
Can participate in matchups, tournaments, leagues with both rogue and confirmed players. X X
Can create rogue tournaments. X X
Propose matchups. X X
Can at any time become a confirmed player. - X
Can purchase matchup credits. X X
Can earn points. X X
Can use debit/credit card, bank account and PayPal to pay league dues, tournament entry fees and purchase matchup credits, pool cues, billiard supplies and ppmu products. X X
Can use points to pay league dues, tournament entry fees and purchase matchup credits, pool cues, billiard supplies and ppmu products (from participating cue makers, billiard supply stores, Companies and Associations). X
Must be identified / confirmed by an identifier. X
Confirmed statistics tracked (any matchups, leagues, tournaments, with rogue players will be stored separately). X
If we track your statistics form league / tournament you can claim your profile. X
Transfer points to other players. X
Recommend and vote on nicknames for other players and members. X
Create Confirmed Profile

Creating a Confirmed profile means that you must be identified/confirmed by an Identifier. This basically confirms your identity in the ppmu community.

  • Can create profile, then contact Identifer to identify/confirm you, or
  • Can give Identifier your information and have them send you an invite
  • Use points to pay league/tourney fees, matchups, cues & more
Create Rogue Profile

A Rogue profile is more of an anonymous, "off-the-grid" profile. All you need for a Rogue profile is a username, password and email address.

  • Only need username, password and email address
  • Create Rogue leauges, tournaments & matchups
  • Participate in matchups with Confirmed players